Blinds Adelaide

Are you looking for Blinds Adelaide? Then look no further! Adelaide Blinds and Security has a wide range and many styles to choose from. Whether it’s internal or external Blinds Adelaide, including panel glides, roller blinds, venetians, plantation shutters, folding arm awnings, café blinds or roller shutters and many more, we have them all!

Indoor Blinds Adelaide

Panel Glides – They provide privacy and shade with light penetration reduced through panel overlap. They can also limit and reduce noise transmission. A unique multiple sliding carrier system allows the panels of fabric to slide across large panels of glass or even be used as a room divider.

Roller Blinds – With two main types, the traditional spring operated or the more modern side chain control, roller blinds remain an inexpensive solution for all window types. With fade-resistant colours and a PVC protective coating, Roller Blinds will last throughout the years.

Roman Blinds – Similar to the Roller Blind, Roman Blinds offer a different look with their soft rectangular, pleated folds when up and smooth, stylish lines over the window when down. The two main types of control are the modernised side chain or a cord and lock system.

Sunscreen Blinds – Imagine a blockout blind that still lets light in and lets you see out! The Sunscreen Blinds are made from fabric that will give you the privacy of not letting anyone see in your window while you can still see out, will stop sun glare but allow natural light still in and offers 95% UV protection.

Venetians – Available in timber or aluminium, each with its own benefits.  Venetians are a great way to control the amount of direct sunlight that enters your room.

Timber venetians are anti-static which makes them easier to clean as it doesn’t attract dust. We use a slightly thicker slat (4mm) which helps improve the quality of the product and helps with insulation too. They are also made and prepared in a way that prevents moisture seepage into the wood and makes them less likely to warp or twist.

The aluminium Venetians are easy to clean and maintain and available in a wide range of colours and finishes.

Plantation Shutters – Imagine a wider and thicker venetian blind that doesn’t go up or down, but can be opened and closed to control the amount of light just like a Venetian. Available in full frame, bi-fold, sliding and hinged options, with a range of colours and stains to choose from.

Vertical Blinds – Just like a Venetian, but vertical, and with the option of sliding, like panel glides! Also known as vertical drapes, this product is designed to allow you to control the amount of light coming in from closed with little to no light, to adjustable openness for your own choice of the amount of light. They are also on sliding carriers so you can open them completely and not have the blind there at all!

Motorised – No matter if your blinds are in hard to reach places, hard to manual control or you simply like a bit of luxury, there is a motor suitable to your application. Available in either hard wired with a tidy switch or remote controlled.

External Blinds Adelaide

Sunscreen Blinds – Very similar to the indoor sunscreen blinds, it blocks sun glare, reduces the heat coming inside and provides 90-95% UV protection while still allowing natural light in and a view outside. All the window and verandah awnings can be made from this fabric.

Plantation Shutters – Exactly the same as the indoor product. Great for patios, verandas and high-rise balconies with the options of locks and bi-folding and can even improve your Energy Efficiencies.

Café Blinds – Large, clear blinds that are great to go around your outdoor entertaining area, protecting you and your property from wind and rain during winter. Available in a variety of tinted colours so can be used in summer to prevent glare from the sun or to match your décor. A great all year round blind!

Roller Shutters – A fantastic product that gives you security, privacy, protection from the weather and can help keep the warmth in or out depending on the season. Closed, it acts as a blockout blind, keeping almost all light, heat and sound out which also adds to energy efficiency for heating or cooling. Open it a small amount to get a Venetian type appearance and you can let a small amount of natural light in and add to ventilation with open windows. From there you can open it to whatever height you like to allow as much light in is as you like.

Awnings – Available in many styles including folding arms, pivot arms, wire guide and Ziptrack.

The folding arm version acts like a retractable roof, offering shade and weather protection depending on the fabric you choose. Can be completely folded away, the awning retracts into a slimline headbox which protects the fabric and prolongs its life. A wind/sun/rain sensor can be installed. This will retract the awning automatically depending on the situation – if the wind or rain is too strong or at night. This awning is closest to a horizontal outdoor blind.

The pivot arm style is perfect for large outdoor areas and difficult to reach windows. The operation mechanism can be internal or external and the awning can be locked into several positions, allowing for a small or large amount shaded area. Available in a huge range of colours of either blockout canvas, acrylic or sunscreen fabric. This awning can be close to vertical when fully open or a variety of angles depending on where you lock it in place.

The wire guide awning operates on stainless steel cabling. It’s able to withstand light to medium winds and can be controlled with a manual crank or motorised. The fabric is available as blockout canvas or sunscreen and available in a wide range of colours. This is a vertical awning, suitable for windows.

Ziptrak is the café blind style of awning with no cords, zippers or buckles. The Ziptrack is installed on walls or poles around the outside of your veranda or entertaining area and the blind moves up or down the tracks. Available in blockout canvas, sunscreen fabric and clear or tinted PVC and able to withstand light to medium winds and rain. Another great all year round outdoor blind! This is a vertical blind designed for verandas, patios and outdoor entertaining areas.

Automatic Awnings – These come in two styles, veranda and window and are spring controlled.

The veranda style is a vertical blind that locks in place at the bottom with straps and brackets. The fabric is tensioned by the spring loaded roller on the top. It is a vertical blind that is available in a wide range of fabrics and colours.

The window version is similar to the veranda style and the pivot arm awning but on a larger scale. Two guide arms go down the sides of the window, a bottom bar slides up and down the arms and the fabric rolls from a top tube where it can be neatly tucked away when not in use. Simply pull on the bottom bar to pull the blind down or put it up. You can raise or lower the blind to whatever position you like. Available in a choice of fabrics from the blockout canvas to sunscreen or acrylics and a range of colours or patterns to suit your tastes.

Motorised Outdoor Blinds – All our outdoor blinds can be motorised for ease of use or can have a sensor added for fully automatic use. The motors controls can be a switch hard wired into the home or remote controlled. The sensor will automatically close the blind for daylight use and put it away if the rain or wind become too strong or when the sun goes down.

Blinds Adelaide

As you can see, no matter the situation or conditions, when it comes to blinds, indoor or out, Adelaide Blinds and Security have you covered! Contact us for a free measure and quote and you will see for yourself that we have the best range and prices.


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