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*When you select a colour - it will change the door frame colour - please note that the grilles in the door will also be this colour and not black as depicted.
Products and colours may not be exactly as shown. This is due to a variance in monitor calibrations. 


Screen Shield

SP13AB Arch

SP13BB Rectangles

SP14AB Flower

13BB Rectangles

SP17 Semi Circle

SP18AB Flower

SP21 Chaos

SP27AB Architrave

SP29AB Gate

SP34AB Rectangles

SP37AB Cross

SP44AB Classic

SP48S Rectangles

SP50AB Double Vine

SP51AB Dual Arch

SP52AB Vines

SP53AB Vines

SP55 Curly

SP56 Curly

SP57AB Curly

SP61AB Black Orchid

SP61AB Rose Jewel

SP62AB Red Orchid

SP65AB Black Glass

SP65AB Rice Paper Glass

SP65AB Red Glass

SP71AB Art Deco Orange




SP75AB Roses

SP78AB Doves

SP79 Arch




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