Roman Blinds

If you are looking for a product similar to the traditional Roller Blind but with a twist, the Roman Blind offers the same suitability with a different look. They can provide a stylish look to any room, with their soft rectangular, pleated folds when pulled up, and smooth, modern lines over the window when down. Battens are placed at the rear of the blind so that they are not visible, and display the full decoration of the fabric to enhance your home with style and class. The Roman Blind can also be designed to include exposed timber battens on the front of the blind to allow a whole new appearance to the classical design, also known as the Jamaican design. There is a large array of fabrics to choose from, ranging from plain to decorative prints.

There are two main types of Roman Blind operation available- the modernised side chain control, which is adaptable to suit any hard to reach areas, or a cord and lock system, similar to that found on the Venetian Blind.

Here at ADELAIDE BLINDS & SECURITY, we pride ourselves on top quality products and service. Consisting of a team with over 50 years experience, purchasing a Roman Blind through us guarantees you a product that is sure to not disappoint.

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