Motorised Outdoor Blinds

Easy Hassle Free Outdoor Blinds

Motorised Blinds are a great way to enhance your lifestyle, comfort and security whilst providing you with total control in your home. Adelaide Blinds and Security uses only the best proven and tested Australian & European manufactured motors and components.

If you are wanting or needing an easy solution to operate your outdoor blinds without the hassle of running out in the wintery conditions, or you simply can’t physically operate your blinds manually, we offer motorisation to suit all of our outdoor blinds.

The options and benefits with having a motor are endless. If combined with a wind, sun and rain sensor, there is no need to worry about your blinds in heavy wind or rain.

Your outdoor area will always be shaded in the harsh sun, and put away when the sun goes down, making the most of your outdoor area, and protecting what needs protecting, all the while you can sit back relax.

Hard Wired or Remote Control

We can offer a range of motors to suit your preference. Either hard wired to your home with a tidy switch installed inside indoors, or RTS controlled, enabling you to operate your awnings with a remote control.

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